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Hi, I'm Amanda. My husband and I decided to start this journey after giving birth to our second child, who is 7 years younger than our first. My pregnancy was much more difficult and trying this time around. One of my major fears after a complicated birth was if I'd be able to workout as I had prior. Working out is how I find my peace.

It's how I stay balanced.

So we created this blog as a way to share this new journey and as a way for me to motivate myself and other women. Women who just need to know that someone else understands the daily struggles of being an active woman. It's not easy, but we got this ladies.



Hey Amanda, where do I go for.....

I've always had friends reach out to me for tips in the best workout apps, clothing, equipment, etc. With so much information available it can actually make it hard to find what works. Follow my blog, and I'll make sure to keep you updated because I'm always looking way to make things easier and more effective.


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"Great effort springs naturally from great attitude"

Pat Riley


Follow my fit journey as I bounce back from postpartum. Here I share challenges that I join and do my best to provide inspiration for others that may be on a similar journey. Check it out below :)


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