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How to create a home gym for under $200

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I get this question a lot recently. And honestly, before the pandemic I couldn’t tell you. But this last year forced me to do some research because a world with no exercise for me is a dark one. Also what I learned is that you don’t need a lot of money or even a lot of space, you just need the right equipment. So see below for some suggestions on how you can create your own home gym without taking out a secomd mortgage on your house.


I used to be a super, major, extreme cardio person. When I got pregnant, again, I realized I was going to be limited on certain movements. so I got into weights and let me tell you, weight training will make you look and feel better than anything else.

All you need to start:

I bought all mine from Walmart.

You can also go with bands as an alternative.

Long bands- 5-10lbs, 10-15lbs, 15-20lbs

Check out Amazon below:

Speaking of bands, I may have more than 7 different kinds now. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY. Unless you’re my husband who is tired of seeing the UPS and FedEx trucks. Ha!

A good way to use bands is by focusing on and giving extra attention to certain parts of your body.

Booty Bands

I mean who doesn’t want a nice booty. If you raised your hand…leave now. (J/k but not really)

Suzie the Queen of all bands has been my go to. The girl has everythang you need when it comes to bands of all colors and sizes.

Lower body:

Light/medium booty band- $20

My suggestion: Build up to the medium/heavy

What to use them for?

Squats, hip thrust, glute activation exercises, lunges, kick backs, lateral walks.

Your goal is for when ”baby got back” comes on, you know that it was written with you in mind.

Upper body:

Light/medium long band- $22

What to use them for?

Pull ups, squats, dead lifts, good mornings, arm curls, shoulder raises, stretching.

Yoga mat - $24.50 Let me tell you stretching is underrated, especially as you hit your 30s. Phew.

It‘s good to have a yoga mat around for some pre or post workout stretching, as well as of course for Yoga itself. Check here for my pick.

These are just a few ways to get started, but it’s enough to kick your butt into high gear and create your own home gym.

If you have some other recommendations or links, drop them in the comments to help someone out.

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